Saturday, March 29, 2008

Robby Gordon Press Release that didn't make the cut

Response to Vanguard press release:

"Ronn is a wealthy gentlemen who was someone buying a full ride with a stage winning Dakar team. Ronn Bailey merely used his company to as a resource for his own private endeavor." (Via pre-tax funds) Similar to what many wealthy adventures do as their assumed right.

However, when the The Dakar rally for 2008 got cancelled/rescheduled due to terrorist threats after 4 tourist were killed in Africa, he did not take the adventurer stance and accept the risks involved from the outset.Then, a month later, Ronn (Just For Men) Bailey wanted the money back.

For goodness sake he even bought bullet proof vests for the rally/adventure. I wonder if he has he requested a refund for those because no one shot at him?

Well this is the big boys and even Disneyland doesn't give refunds when The Big Boys Roller Coaster is shut down for the day. Robby Gordon Motorsports is a business and we don't build million dollar race cars for free.

As a consolation to the January race, Robby Gordon Motorsports was going out of our way to let him drive in the 7 day Dakar Series next month as a freebee. He should have taken that offer as for it would have been fun for Ronn, he would have some adventure and he would have gained some seat time to help his basic driving abilities.

"Robby Gordon Motorsports builds the best off road race cars in the World and also gains the largest exposure for American companies in the Dakar Rally Series. We stand buy our product. Ronn Bailey and more importantly Vanguard will continue to gain exposure for the next 3 years and we expect all parties involved to honor their commitments as gentleman.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The Dakar Spot is now met it's time. For the last two years I've had great fun letting Dakar and Robby fans feed on some of of Fly's thoughts and inside information. But... like all media capabilities the path of The Dakar Spot, YouTube, Robby and Twitter are now becoming intermingled into one cornucopia known as...

Robby's Uprising is just that. The Punk has set up the wave of the future for this year's Dakar Dally. Like every year RGM brings it to the table and shows the news media and industrial moguls what time it is. Last year RGM/YouTube/Micron brought the heat providing same day in-car video and proved that a small US company can maintain YouTube's top 20 for 2 weeks strait. This year's Baja 1000 brought Twitter to the motor sport forefront with live updates from the bowels of Mexico to your PC and your Cell Phone.

This year RGM has a dedicated Media Hummer chasing the Dakar Rally for the entire 10,000 Kilometer rally from Europe to the end of Africa. Fully equipped it's $50,000.00 full auto tracking live Satilite and on-board media editing station Robby Gordon Motor sports will provide the best coverage yet.

So for the latest updates from Fly's relocated blog, RGM crew members, RGM engineers, RGM Partners, Latest Video and what will be the largest assembled group of Robby Gordon fans in the nation Join Up by clicking :

Friday, January 19, 2007


Stage 14 is the last true competitve stage in the 2007 Dakar Rally. Stage 14 is another great stage for The Monster. Robby is in a great starting position to catch yesterday's winner and 9th place car overall, Carlos Sainz. Carlos sits just 25 minutes behind Robby in the standings. Expect Robby catch Carlos at KM175 and bird dog him to the finish. With only 12 miles of tricky navigation at the end RG should come out of here with a stage win do to his 20 minute start gap and lock up 8th place or better in the overall standings.

Positions 3rd through 6th face a delima of being blanketed by only on hour. There is a 70% chance one of these racers will snap under the pressure be delt a fatal blow and allow the rest of the field to move up one position in the overall standings and into Fly's mid race report prediction of a 7th place finish overall.

Everybody in the city of Dakar tomorrow will really enjoy seeing The Monster and the powerful big inch V-8 show it's stuff on the on the beach sands of Dakar. They will be witness to the greatest team from the USA ever to participate in the Rally's almost 30 year history.

Turbo Tom's Trio!

Wow! Turbo and his boys are on track to break another USA Dakar Rally Record! If they finish this stage today, tomorrow will go down in the record books as they will be cruising the beach sands of Dakar knowing they are the only team from the USA to finish the race ever in a T-4 support truck.

Team Dakar USA is doing it their way and have left an impression the Europeans will find hard to forget.

Team Dakar USA is doing it their way and have left an impression the United States will find hard to forget.


Thursday, January 18, 2007


No Prerunning here; CLICK HERE

Yeah that will give a taste of V-8 Americana to them Euros...

Before it's even in view...
Then start yelling in Spanish,
"bla bla Hummer yeah! bla bla awesome bla bla!"

The Monster Drifting! What a site, not too many people on this planet that can do that on a road they have never seen with a two wheel drive.

Gas On! Fly

Monday, January 15, 2007


Robby and Team Dakar USA in the top ten overall! After two strait days and almost 1000 Kilometers of Special, Robby and Andy Grider finished both days in the top ten. As Fly stated in his last post three days ago, Fly predicted that history would repeat it's self and 2 of the top ten would have major blows to their effort.

Robby's bad luck came early in the rally and it seems to have turned the tide to the other competitors. Two of the top five got kicked in the nuts today.

Robby's two top ten finishes in stage 8 and 9 coupled with his top 15 finish in stage 7 and his stage 6 win, plus other car's troubles thrusted Robby into the 8th position overall. What does this mean? With 5 big stages left in the rally, Robby currently leads what is now being called the "open class".

Although Robby's car is fully designed to met the regulations of T-1 it seems some big dawg somewhere was looking to discredit Robby's type of effort with some "Open Class". The fact is, he came playing by their rules, and sits in the 8th position overall. Sure Hummer and Toyo Tires could do an ad stating a victory. They could and should... However, this by no means satisfies Robby's needs. If it be 20 Baja 1000s, 10 Indy 500s, a half a dozen Daytona 500s and 24 hours races, Robby isn't there for the Championship or second place. He is there to run with the very best and WIN the race. To Robby an "Open Class" win could be likened to taking your sister to the Prom. It just is not going to suffice.

Barring an act of God, Robby will not win The 2007 Dakar Rally. Barring an act of God, Robby will be back in 2008 looking to serve up some more roast rabbit.

Turbo and The Boys?

The #556 hit something big a couple days ago on Stage 7 and they worked on it all night and all day with the porta-power pulling the bent front frame apart. They had to replace leaf springs, coil buckets and a ton of stuff. Of course, Robby has a deal with the MAN Service crew who was there working on all the MAN stuff, John Marking (FOX) flew into the bivouvac for the rest day to drop off some Tommy's Burger but instead of pigging out on the best chile burgers in the world, He and the MAN service crew helped Turbo work on the T-4 beast until 3:30 AM…

Turbo completed Check 2 in 22 hours today(Stage 9) and appears to be at the finish line but without a time for finishing. I can only imagine the weakest link has broke apart on the MAN truck again… Time for Team Dakar USA to get some good Ol'American Oshkosh Iron for next year.

Gas On! Fly

Friday, January 12, 2007


It was a long day for all competitors. Today's stage was cut short due to visibility issues for ASO aircraft. The stage was cut by almost 150KM. The day started out with Robby and a band of 5 other cars breaking away from the rest of the field. In the end Robby had a few minor setbacks. Such as changing his first ever Toyo Tire during a race, getting caught in a zero visibility dust storm and The Monster got a bit Hungry and decided to eat some more camel grass to seek retribution for this stage last year. Robby and Andy finished in 13th place for the stage. This moved Robby up to 16th overall and only 1 hour and 5 minutes out of 10th place.

Tomorrow is a rest day for everyone. Today was the end of the first half. 7 stages down and 7 specials to go. So, with 7 special stages and over 2000 kilometers left to go, history has proven from here to the end at least 2 of the current top 12 will find a fatal blow to their goal of finishing The Dakar Rally.

Click Here for Kewl Video of Stage 7

The Monster is running at top level and will continue to extend Team Dakar USA's record streak. After tomorrow's rest day, Robby will be in the same starting scenario as his stage 6 win. Robby will have a 22 minute Gap at the start to another long stage suitable for The Monster's demeanor.

Turbo Tom and his T-4 team are running a smooth race and currently sit in the 22nd spot out of almost 60 Trucks still able to continue.

Fly says: Expect Robby and Andy to win stage 9 by 16 minutes.

Gas On! Fly

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stage 6- A shot over the bow

Robby Gordon and Andy Grider break and extend records for the USA.

Along with today's win in stage 6 (The longest stage ever in Dakar Rally history), several US records in the Dakar rally were set today. Robby Gordon, driver of the Team Dakar USA - Monster Energy - Toyo Tire - Micron - ProComp - Mac Tools - DeWalt - Hella Lighting - King Shocks - KarTek - Pilo.ti - Hummer H3 along with navigator Andy Grider, left their names in the record books forever!

USA Dakar Car Records Set:
1.First American Born and Raised Driver/Nav Team to win a Dakar Stage.
2.Co-Pilot Andy Grider became the first American Navigator to provide direction to a stage win.
3. Hummer was the first US manufacture to win a Dakar Stage.
4. In 2005 Robby was and still is the only American to win a stage... multiple stages and today Robby extended that to 3.
5. First and only Dakar racer ever to design and win on his own brand wheels. (LOL)
6. First and only American to Design and win with his own Brand Shocks. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Chase.
7. First American Based racing team to build, prepare, support and win a stage in the Dakar Rally.
8. First Team to give Toyo Tires a stage win in the Dakar Rally.
9. First American to drive his own car to a stage win in Dakar.
10.First team to film and produce in the field thier own YouTube.Com Web Site (Ranked top 20 on the 6th most viewed site in the world).

All of these records will be extended tomorrow. Petrol On! Fly

Side Note: Turbo Tom and his T-4 Beast decided to stop and have a Tommy's Burger 5KM from the finish line and finished the stage in 50th place.